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About MsYiY

December 9, 2017

Who is MsYiY?

MsYiY (Ms Yasmin Is Yasmin) is a podcast produced and recorded by me - Yasmin Choudhury, a British female start up social entrepreneur based in London.  It is a diary/memoir

What is MsYiY podcast about?

It's an audio series that is a personal narrative of my current life as a British social entrepreneur working for developing world especially Bangladesh.  Where I want to empower women and place more pennies into the pockets of poor. In 2015 I landed into a huge international crisis. I am also attempting to honour my late father's philanthropic wishes and tackling issues of honour abuse at the hands of my own British Muslim family.  

I talk about my past and present experience of growing up in a British Bangladeshi Muslim immigrant family. And of my insane struggle of ensuring my beloved late father’s will and legacy is executed including the one-third he wanted donated to Bangladesh people.  Although he suddenly died in 2004 - over a decade later, in 2015, his wishes remain unfulfilled by my very devout Muslim family born and brought up in the UK. 

In finding more about my father (Al-Haj Abdul Muquith Choudhury), I think this journey has helped me find my own solution for poverty alleviation which I am in the process of taking to market.  Called Lovedesh and Amcariza Foundation I want to change how the rest of the world experiences the most impoverished nations and regions in conflict that is colloquially called 'Third World'.  

I also stumbled across the peaceful and feminist Islam we never hear about.  It is why I launched The AMC Petition - to help empower British Muslim women. And often I share my musings as a person who is being reintroduced to Islam - again - having discarded all the lies taught and told to me by my community if Muslims. 

Why did I launch MsYiY podcast?

Quite simply I do not want what has happened to me - to happen to other women. 

By serialising this podcast of my journey as a start up entrepreneur and lone parent, I hope other can perhaps avoid the pitfalls I made.  And, if I can run projects on a shoestring with the help of volunteers and mentors who span from the UK to Bangladesh - maybe others in the same boat as me can feel less alone.

I also want to use this podcast series to introduce you to the myriad of stunning characters I meet.  Here in London as well as in Bangladesh.  As well the failures of morally bankrupt, powerful and influential individuals and organisations who make my life so much more challenging.  After all  - if it was not for them - all the work and projects I create would not exist.

The MsYiY Case Notes

Look out for my handwritten notes that I use to help me plan my content. And the crucial documents and images that relate to what I am talking about.  

Funds raised via MsYiY podcast 

Any donations raised will go to fund:

1. My podcasting crowdfund MsYiY page on Podbean - see here

2. My Go Fund Lovedesh page - that aims to financially support me - in the work I do in developing nations.  

Why MsYiY

When I used to see sad, depressive, unjust or bad stuff happening I would often speak out.  I would then always get a physical or verbal response which was saying "no - you are not allowed' or 'leave it be as this is the way it is?" or that 'do not ever ask me that again'.  Back when I used to be a timid and introverted woman - my internal response used to be 'yasminisyasmin'.  Now I just vocalise it louder and stronger each time I challenge the status quo or break the rules.  

Connecting/contacting MsYiY

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To connect with me, you can find me on twitter @yasminisyasmin.

Thanks for listening. 

Yasmin C (aka MsYiY).